Throwback Tuesday: Next – ‘Butta Love’


Next is a R&B group, most popular during the late 1990s. “Butta Love” was the first single off their double-platinum debut album Rated Next. The single became a top five R&B hit peaking at No. 4, and a top twenty Pop hit peaking on the Hot 100 at No. 16, in the fall of 1997.

Next was loved for their ability to swing between party anthems and tender ballads, as well as for possessing a bit of soulfulness. R&B fans seemed to be most captivated by the groups smooth and charismatic lead singer R.L., who led most songs including “Butta Love,” and possessed a distinctive sound.  R.L. has stated that it was Arista and J Records label head, Clive Davis, who encouraged the group to sing the notable vamp on “Butta Love.” As the lyrics go, “You’ve got those sexy eyes, enticing thighs, you make me rise / You’ve got that love I wanna try, send my tongue up and down your spine.”

The single was a sexy hit as the group expressed that a special lady had the love that they wanted and needed, and that very same love, like butter, was smooth and creamy. Enjoy the classic above!

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  1. mon88 8 years ago

    This was the JAM!

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