Video: Noel Gourdin – ‘Patience’



With courtship seeming like a thing of the past, soulful crooner Noel Gourdin shares a modern story of waiting for the proper moment to consummate a relationship in the new video for his latest single “Patience.”

Reminiscing on the beginnings of his current relationship, Noel sings about the virtues and lessons that many of the great love songs that inspired his sound, expressed to listeners.

“This record is all about allowing beautiful & worthwhile things that mean a great deal to us blossom, so that the fruits are sweeter and are more apt to last,” says Noel. “They say ‘Patience’ is a virtue, it’s true! This record here, will make your heart grow fonder for your partner, guaranteed!!!”

His latest album City Heart, Southern Soul is in stores now. Check out the new video below:

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  1. John 8 years ago

    This song is very very tough. Definitely feel the 50’s Sam Cooke feel in this song.

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