Beyoncé Flexes For Fans On New Song “7/11”


Beyonce Aaliyah 2

Beyoncé‘s revamp of her self-titled album will hit shelves in less than a week and now it’s times for fans to hear what she’s added on. While rumors that one of the new singles were set to hit the ears of fans this week, a snippet of “7/11” has finally tip-toed its way on the scene for our listening pleasure.

Set to be a frequent spin in the club, the new track has Mrs. Caters boasting over the baseline to the new track. Singing, “Foot up, my foot up / Hold up, now my foot up,” the single goes along the lines of Beyoncé’s newest carefree persona.

While we’re not too sure how this is going to sound in full, it’ll be interesting to see everyone’s take on this small snippet. Tell us what you think after the jump:

  1. MoneyMayweather 8 years ago

    it’s aight.

  2. mon88 8 years ago


  3. Titus Best 8 years ago

    Not Feelin It

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