Stream: K. Michelle’s New Album ‘Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?’


K. Michelle Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart

After giving fans numerous singles and teases of her sophomore album, K. Michelle will release the anticipated LP on Dec. 9. But, with the holiday’s almost here, the R&B songstress is giving us an early present with a full album stream of Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?!

The 12-track follow-up to her 2013 debut Rebellious Soul features the singles “Love ‘Em All” and “Maybe I Should Call,” the country-tinged “God I Get It,” and the anticipated “Drake Would Love Me,” inspired by October’s Very Own.

“I looked around and I was like, ‘why should I be boxed and forced to sing a certain kind of lonely girl I’m so hurt, cuz I’m the little lonely black girl who had to struggle’ [type of song],” K. Michelle told ThisisRnB about her new album. “Who wants to sing that all their life and be miserable all their life, there’s other sh*t going on other than heartbreak. I was just determined to talk about all those topics and sing ‘em how I felt ‘em, not how people look at my skin tell me how I’m supposed to sing them.”

“If you’re gonna go out, go out with a bang,” she continued. “If the fans get it that’s all that matters.”

Ready to find out if K topped her debut album? Stream AWBAH below!

[via VH1]

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