Throwback Tuesday: Boyz II Men feat. Brian McKnight – ‘Let It Snow’


In case you’ve newly arrived on this planet, Boyz II Men is an iconic R&B group best known for their a cappella harmonies, emotional ballads, and each member’s incredible vocal ability. Formerly a quartet, the legendary trio was recently named R&B group of the century by the RIAA. They are only the third artists ever (after The Beatles and Elvis Presley) to replace themselves at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

“Let It Snow” was a single off their 1993 Christmas Interpretations album released on Motown Records. The single features label mate Brian McKnight. Several of the album’s tracks are originals, written by the group along with McKnight. On “Let It Snow,” Wanya Morris takes the lead with some nice riffs and runs, McKnight carries the song nicely with his vocals complimenting the group’s on the second verse. Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman lead the chorus with their perfect tenors, and the group rounds out the chorus showcasing their amazing harmonies.

Enjoy the throwback above.

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