K. Michelle Gets Sentimental on ‘Today’ With “How Do You Know” Performance



With her “My Twisted Mind Tour” already underway, R&B songstress K. Michelle is making sure she shares her voice any way she can. Stopping by the “Today” show on Wednesday, the curvaceous singer donned a white jumpsuit and short cut as she belted out “How Do You Know.”

The song, which can be found on her latest album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, has become a favorite of fans and is a very sentimental part of her story.

Stating, “I’m away from my son, but at the end of the day, I have to take care of him and I need to get out there and sing for my fans. I fought so hard for this,” before going on stage, the singer made sure to put her all into the vocally stunning performance.

Watch K do her thing below:

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