New Music: Muhsinah – Somebody Else (Rico Love Cover)


Muhsinah Somebody Else

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/producer Muhsinah unveils a special heartfelt rendition of Rico Love’s “Somebody Else,” as a Valentine’s Day offering for her fans and music lovers alike.

Delivering a vulnerable performance, Muhsinah assumes the vantage point opposite of love and expresses the perspective of being the woman on the receiving end of a negligent love.

“Rico Love released what I feel is one of those songs that is bigger than any genre or category,” says Muhsinah. “‘Somebody Else’ really spoke to me and echoed a sentiment of getting on with life after love, which I feel is a point in life that almost everyone, regardless of status and background, will have to face at least once–only once if they’re lucky.”

“To me, the song creates a space to explore emotional honesty and vulnerability which is a motif that has been imperative in my artistry and my life in general” she continues. “Valentine’s Day is typically one of those times of the year where people can sit and reflect on important matters of the heart and I hope my version of Rico Love’s brilliant song really inspires people to get honest, to get open, to get some answers and to really heal on some things.”

Check out her remake below:

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