New Music: Ameriie – Out Loud (Prod. by Rich Harrison)


Ameriie Out Loud Single

Ameriie made history with producer Rich Harrison a decade ago, and now she is looking to reunite their chemistry on her upcoming single “Out Loud.”

The singer/songwriter has been working on two new albums, ‘BILI‘ (a nod to her 2007 album Because I Love It) and Cymatika, Vol. 1, last year she released two singles “Mustang,” and “What I Want.” While there is no official release date set for either project, Ameriie won’t be leaving fans out in the cold, as the new single is set to be released very soon.

Taking to Instagram, the songstress shared a snippet of the song, and Rich Harrison’s brother (Ron Harrison) regrammed the snippet saying: “10 long years! It’s time.”

UPDATE: Listen to the full version of the new single below!

  1. Doom 7 years ago

    YAS!!! Amerie and Rich Harrison! A dream come true!!! Love the CONTRASTt: Lush vocals & sick harmonies + banging beat! Signature Rich-Amerie! Just based on these snippets you can tell that this song is going to be HOT!

    And, I must say: This song screams for a video of Amerie walking down the street in short shorts and eating ice cream just like in the promo photo above!

  2. AJ Strickland 7 years ago

    Yess A

  3. mon88 7 years ago

    This is hot it’s Like a mix between her first album and the second. I miss rich drums I hope they do a whole album and hopefully it includes some good r&b track’s.

  4. KCsoul 7 years ago

    This ish is hot. A & Rich is bringing that fire

  5. John 7 years ago

    I like the song

  6. LupeX 7 years ago

    Gotdamn, Ameriie got one!

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