Report: ‘R&B Divas’ Creator Eyes Ashanti & Elle Varner for New York Spinoff



TV One’s ‘R&B Divas‘ has found great success in Atlanta and Los Angeles, and shined some much needed new light on many singers.  After a successful two seasons in Atlanta, the show was granted it’s first branch, which was the Los Angeles edition, currently airing Wednesday nights at 10pm.

Now, as the show continues to grow, creator Phil Thornton is already eyeing his next move, which could very possibly be New York City.

Recently speaking with ThatGrapeJuice, Mr. Thronton shared some surprising aspirations for the show, if it were to head to NYC next.

“We’ve talked about branching out into new cities but I’m satisfied with Atlanta and L.A. because those are very music based cities,” said Thornton. “There are a lot of divas in NYC and I’d love to skew it younger if we moved there so I’d love to include more emerging ladies like Tiara Thomas, Elle Varner and a more established artist like Ashanti. there are so many things we could do with the show out there. Right now, I’ve been working on a new pilot and I hope to announce its pickup date soon.”

WOW! Ashanti, Elle Varner, Tiara Thomas, that would make for a very interesting cast!  While, this is all still speculation and early ideas, it doesn’t sound bad at all. We love the idea of the show adding a youth appeal, and everyone knows Ashanti has a great personality for TV.

What do you think? Would you tune-in to an NYC edition of the show with those ladies in the cast?

  1. Doom 7 years ago

    Ashanti would’ve been GREAT! I’d also add Amerie! She is a book nerd and she could be new and fresh thing on TV.

  2. DtheArtist 7 years ago

    She could (Ameriie), and that’s my GIRL! She deserve more publicity. I hope the show won’t be ratchet like the current season is now, because Ashanti nor Ameriie is here for that.

  3. John 7 years ago

    Man I love Ashanti. She’s been on my take down list for years! Whooo

  4. trillviaplath 7 years ago

    If they put Amerie on, who is older, my vote goes to adding Teedra Moses as well. Otherwise, up and coming artists with amazing EP’s like SZA and Wynter Gordon should go well with the young cast. :)

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