Lyric Video: Teedra Moses – Get It Right


Teedra Moses Get It Right

R&B lioness Teedra Moses is ready to deliver her long anticipated sophomore album Cognac & Conversation, and we’re more than ready to see what she’s pushing out with this one.

While the album won’t be here until next month, the relase of her latest single “Get It Right” has been serving as a sufficient holdover. Now delivering the lyric video for the new single, we can only assume that an offical video is on its way as well.

Learn all the lyrics to Teedra’s new single below:

  1. Jasmine 3 years ago

    It sounds….tired. I would like her to come back with a hot single not this filler type track.

  2. Mysonne 3 years ago

    Excuse you! This song dope, and if you Know the “Teedra” you know this is very much in the vein of what she does. Sounds like you need to listen to somebody else.

  3. Jasmine 3 years ago

    It is people like you that contribute to the reason why Teedra has not had an album out in 10 years. You lie and say a song like this is “dope” as a first single when it definitely is not. No label is going to put out an album by someone that has not released one in 10 years unless they have a hit single. I love her singing and songwriting and I simply want her to come back stronger. This song is so…10 years ago.

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