Watch: Luke James Performs “Exit Wounds” on ‘The REAL’


Luke James The Real

Luke James received some much deserving daytime TV promo on Tuesday when he appeared on ‘The REAL’ and performed his current single “Exit Wounds.”

Over the single piano track, the R&B crooner does what he always does best and left his heart on the stage as he belted out the emotional ballad.

The audience had nothing but cheers and applause for Luke as he hit note after chilling note, but surprised everyone when he ran up the stairs to join the crowd for when the track flips into a turnt-up dismissal of the hoe that caused his heartache.

Watch Luke’s performance below!

  1. Brittany Sparks 6 years ago

    Yaaaas! Love this song but damn it’s old now lol. Still love Luke, so much talent, FIRE album, why are you people sleeping on this brotha?

  2. BranUbiba 6 years ago

    It’s the Same thing I’m Asking Myself Everytime I listen to this Album.. People Have bad Ears

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