Video: Faith Evans feat. KeKe Wyatt – Make Love



The morning just got a whole lot nastier as Faith Evans and KeKe Wyatt have premiered the music video for their recent collabo “Make Love,” off Evans’ last album Incomparable.

The R&B divas are bringing the goods for their men, as Faith flexes some sexy moves, while KeKe snaps a whip (watch out!). The ladies belt out the sultry lyrics while instructing their guys to come over for a lustful night of making love.

Get your grown and sexy on with the new video below:

  1. GTFOH! 8 years ago

    Who the f*ck choreographed this Dollar Store ass of a video?

    It’s like some old head said “Watcha know ’bout dis youngin'”, and proceeded to fart out the wackiest shit put to film.
    If they weren’t serious, I’d be laughing…

    Fuck it


    That’s not grown and sexy.
    It’s old and embarrassing.

    You got some random ass, hungry looking, boy chested white chick… doing.. something, in the background, while the world’s oldest 6th grade dance recital, dances along.

    Keke… is “doing too much”,
    and Faith… she swears whatever she’s doing with her arms is sexy as f*ck.

    It’s not.
    And the wardrobe…
    It’s like the director sent out a memo that read, “If you have anything black or white clean, wear it.”
    This video just didn’t do it


  2. Monica Howard 8 years ago

    YESSS You are doing TOO MUCH… please sit down with this terrible ass video and song. Keep it classy ladies instead of looking like groupie skanks… I am beyond embarrassed…

  3. Monica Howard 8 years ago

    Couldn’t agree more…

  4. rd1981 8 years ago

    I get the video, and the song sounds pretty damn good as well.

  5. Kae Thompson 8 years ago

    I love the song but this video could have been so much better. I don’t see the purpose of her grinding on the couch but there’s no man in sight. What was the dancers even doing? Keke….. at least she looked like she was having fun?

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