New Music: Jacob Whitesides feat. Kelly Rowland – I Know What You Did Last Summer



17-year-old vocalist Jacob Whitesides may not be on your radar yet, but trust and believe, he’s coming. Getting his start on the second season of “The X Factor,” the young and vibrant teen has kept his fan base booming with his YouTube covers and most recently, his debut EP titled A Piece of Me.

Now ready to become a household name, the former television star that worked his way into the hearts of many  has released a new duet with former “X Factor” judge, Kelly Rowland. Titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” the track is an upbeat, funky, and flirtatious track about a past summer love. While there’s definitely a noticeable age difference between the two with Kelly being twice Jacob’s senior, the summer always brings forth moments to do what you wouldn’t normally do on a regular day.

Take a listen to their flashback love story below:

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