Indie: Emerging Artist Yo Trane Releases Debut EP ‘Late Night Drive’


Yo Trane EP

Indie R&B artist Yo Trane makes his official debut with the release of his ‘Late Night Drive‘ EP.

The 21-year-old French singer-songwriter describes his style as dark, trap-influenced R&B, but his smooth voice and ability to sing high notes softly, makes his lyrics speak to the soul.

“Popular music is often bright and sunny, while this project is more nocturnal and emotional,” explains Yo Trane of the 7-track project which was entirely produced by Kalim. “Late Night Drive is aimed at the people who have trouble sleeping at night so they would rather hang out with their lovers or take a spin in their whips to remedy the insomnia.”

Take a journey into the mind of Yo Trane with the EP below:



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