Jill Scott Wins Best R&B/Soul Female Artist & Lady of Soul Award, Performs Medley at 2015 Soul Train Awards



Jill Scott and everything that she is was one the shining moments of the 2015 Soul Train Awards on Sunday night.

Jilly from Philly won big, taking home the award for Best R&B/Soul Female Artist and receiving the first-ever Lady of Soul Award.

“The goal was to write something that you could relate to, the goal was to be in your house when you make that new baby, to be there to squash that argument, to incite it if necessary.  I never made an attempt, I didn’t want to be sexy for anybody, but I did want to write some sexy stuff for ya. Why does it matter what I look like, as long as I tell my story and you laugh with it, and you live with it,” she said during her acceptance speech for the “Lady of Soul” Award.

Afterward, she performed her own tribute performance, singing a medley of hits and fan favorites including “Back Together,” “Whatever,” “Cross My Mind,” “A Long Walk,” and “It’s Crazy.”

Watch the clips below:

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