Listen: The Red Light Special R&B Podcast #20 with Special Guest August Alsina


Red Light Special Podcast

After a short break, the Red Light Special returns this week with a brand new episode featuring special guest August Alsina. During their candid chat, Rob and Kristin talk to the young star about his upcoming sophomore album This Thing Called Life, why it’s ok for men to cry, his cousin telling him that he was the reason his brother was murdered, and he opens up about the controversy surrounding him feeling up a female fan on stage.

“With that situation, it made me cringe, because I had no idea that that was even going on,” explains August. “When I realized — as you can see in the video, I eject my arm back. And she had on this sequence dress so I didn’t really know what I was feeling. I was too busy singing to actually notice that. I actually called her. I had to have a conversation with her just out of respect. As a man, I wanted her to know that I wouldn’t disrespect you like that.”

They also speak about his brand new single “Song Cry,” which is both emotional about his own life and socially conscious.

Stream the full podcast below:

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