Watch: Rihanna Unlocks ‘AntiDiary’ Studio



Rihanna is keeping the release date of her anticipated new album ANTI a secret, but she continues to build anticipation.

Earlier this month, she launched her “ANTIdiaRy” partnership with Samsung and unlocked the keys to the first bedroom. Now she has granted access to the second room of the experience, which finds her walking through a futuristic studio. She places her hands on a glass console before the music takes over her body. A group of mysterious men wearing military gear appear behind her.

Inspired by Roy Nachum, the “ANTIdiaRy” takes fans on a journey through Rihanna’s life story one room at a time. Next up, look out for the closet, tattoo parlor, gallery, shell, and office, ending in the ANTI bedroom.

Meanwhile, RiRi will kick off her “ANTI World Tour” in February with special guests Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Big Sean. TIDAL members will have access to an exclusive pre-sale starting 10 a.m. local time on Monday, Nov. 30.

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