JoJo Delivers Acoustic Performance of “Save My Soul”



Now that we officially have JoJo off of hiatus, the young singer is wasting NO time giving us what we missed over the years.

Delivering an exceptional acoustic performance of her newest single “Save My Soul,” the powerful vocalist has us in awe every time she debuts one of these. Emotionally filled and vocally impressive, the performance is a great representation of her talent.

Talking about the song, JoJo explains, “‘Save My Soul’ is a song about addiction, and I grew up seeing addiction very close to me; Both my parents have struggled with it. So as a kid, you don’t kinda know when the bottom is going to fall through or what’s gonna happen next. I’ve also struggled with feeling powerless to definitely a situation; I’ve felt powerless to a person, and just, you know, certain things in life. So, it’s when you feel out of control, that’s what it’s about. To me, it’s like the addict singing to whatever it is that they feel powerless to.”

Watch JoJo give it her all below:

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  1. Kae Thompson 8 years ago

    love her

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