Was Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Leak Just A Piece of A Bigger Puzzle?


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Oh Rihanna, how we love you!

For everyone who was convinced that someone over at TIDAL slipped up and posted the long awaited 8th album from RiRi, there were a few of us that felt as if it was just a little too convenient for it to happen. Now of course, we definitely believe that people make mistakes (I mean, if they want to lose their jobs and such), but for Rihanna, it just didn’t seem too likely.

Although 2012’s Unapologetic was hit with the leak bug, there was something not so conventional about believing that ANTI was going to get the same treatment or receive the same disrespect – especially with the years of wait tucked behind its arrival.

Releasing the album for free to all fans through TIDAL after the “unfortunate leak,” music lovers everywhere praised Ms. Fenty on pushing through with a solid body of work that included minimal features. While I totally agree that ANTI was worth the wait, I was still slightly skeptical on its arrival, it being free, and Rihanna not going as “ham” as usual with the promo post release of anything she does. Navy, please correct me if I’m wrong, but if you know Rihanna, there are posts on top of posts through social media indicating the new release. This time though, there was ONE post discussing the “gift” she’s given to her Navy. Coincidence? Nah, breh.

As I listened to the album last night, I too was impressed by what she had to offer and quite frankly, understood why it took so long to deliver the songs. However, I also noticed that the majority of the tracks on the album were less than 4 minutes. Just didn’t feel right to me.

That brings me to today. As I conducted my daily trolling of social media earlier, I saw everyone continuing to praise the album, Rihanna for delivering it for free, and how someone over at TIDAL was packing their life up in a garbage bag for slipping up, and I still just couldn’t find the strength to believe that there wasn’t some sort of method to the madness.

I’m sure you all are sitting here reading this like “Who let Ni’Kesia write this egregious story with these outlandish theories,” but just hear me out because this is where it becomes quite believable.

In New York City, Samsung is having a field day with the promotion because signs with the message, “The story isn’t over yet,” appeared. One can only deduct, after using common sense, that this is definitely in relation to Rihanna’s recently “leaked” album.


After that sign, my mind started turning. I know this may sound like a little much, but I distinctly remember Rihanna posting not only the front to what is now her album cover, but the back of it as well on her Instagram. The deluxe version – which is available via iTunes – does not include an album cover utilizing the back version. Using my sleuth skills and deductive reasoning, I came to the conclusion that there’s no way she would show the back of that portrait if there wasn’t a reasoning behind it…

So what did I do? Reach out to a few of my friends in the Navy, of course! And what was I supplied with? More evidence. Now, I can’t confirm that this particular photo is authentic, but is it believable? Absolutely. Listen, y’all. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. And – if I’m right – y’all remember who told you first!


Lastly, to prove my case, there’s the mysterious case of a new website that appeared with new context clues. Again, this is not confirmed as authentic – so don’t blame me if your identity gets stolen – but it surely is great timing. While you may not believe any of my theories, you’ve got to admit, having a second part to ANTI – or a documentary – would be one hell of a way to soothe the three-year wait for fans of the infamous Bad Gal.

Still not convinced? I guess we just have to wait and see if Part 2 of ANTI unlocks itself soon!

Tell us: Do you think ANTI has a Part 2 coming soon? 

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  1. Gabriele Lunardi 5 years ago

    In part of the ANTI cover poem which is all of those indents, it says
    “There are two sides to every dream”
    “All you see is not all there is”
    This could be another clue of ANTI Part 2.

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