New Music: Zoë Wick & Warholla – Your Fire


Zoe & Warholla

Chill Vibes…

Underground singer Zoë Wick has connected with rising producer Warholla for a full EP together, and they have delivered the first taste of the project with the seductive, “Your Fire.”

A chance meeting at SXSW led to these two coming together to create, and the outcome so far is buzz-worthy.

Zoë brings hauntingly sensual vocals, over the sparse bass-heavy production of Walhalla, as she lays down the rules for her love interest.

“I tried to hide, behind my long lashes / Inside my mind, to find what I’m after / Boy hush, no rush, I will not be hurried / You must earn trust / Just prove that you’re worth it,” she coos.

Check out the record below, and stay tuned for more soon.

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