Keke Wyatt Covers ‘Rolling Out’ Magazine, Talks Confidence, New Album & More


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R&B diva Keke Wyatt is riding high following the release of her 4th studio album Rated Love.

The songstress now covers the latest issue of “Rolling Out” magazine with an introspective, honest interview about her silly personality, lack of confidence in her image, being a great mother, new music, releasing her album on her own independent label and more.

Rated Love is available on iTunes now. Check out excerpts from the new interview below.

Keke Wyatt RollingOut 2

ON BEING SILLY: “When you grow up in a rough home, rough situations, you learn how to be silly. You know what I mean? I kind of don’t have time for the serious stuff because that’s all you live in. I get real silly when I’m shy. I get real silly when I don’t know what else to do. I get silly when I’m nervous. But I get way different when I’m pissed or I’m hurt. … The nervous part is when I’m silly, goofy, trying to cover up.”

ON HER LACK OF CONFIDENCE: “Can’t find it. I don’t know why. As God is my witness, even with singing I’m just not confident. Like if somebody said. “Keke sing ‘His Eye Is on the Sparrow,’ ” and I’ll sing it. But the whole time I’m wondering, “Ugh, do they hear that?””

ON BEING A GREAT MOTHER: “I have confidence in being a mother. Now, I’m very confident in that and my family, and showing my love. And my compassion and taking care of my family and working like a monster and making sure that everybody has what they need and want. Even if I don’t get anything, I don’t care. So, I’m confident in the fact that I’m a great mom. And a good daughter, and a good sister, and a good wife, the best wife I can be without being a wench.”

ON NEW ALBUM, BEING INDEPENDENT: “It’s my soul. It’s who I am. It’s what makes me whole. It’s what makes me me. I’m so excited because I’m putting my new album out on my own label, which is Aratek Entertainment … It’s my name [Ke’Tara] spelled backward. … [With the label], I’m able to put my own project out. I don’t have to worry about other labels, and what they think … It’s my thing. I can sing what I want. I can come in when I want. I can do what I want to do. The only thing is that I have to pay for everything. But, at the end of the day, I’ll get all of that back plus triple. So, it really doesn’t matter … With my music, I wrote everything, I sang everything. It just feels really good to be able to express myself. Another way to let my light shine is through my music because it truly comes from within, from the heart.”

Read the full story here.

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