New Music: Maurice Moore – The Feels


Maurice The Feels

Young Maurice Moore is back once again and he’s on an emotional mission of discovery.  The 19-year-old R&B crooner breaks down an intimate relationship on the mechanical styled track “The Feels,” produced by TheAuracle and Sober Rob.

“When I say your name girl, that gon’ give you the chills / I love the feels going through your body / Kissing your pretty face, takin’ your breath away,” he sings.

“I wanted to show you a different side of me with this creation,” explains Maurice in a message that he posted with the track. Continuing, “This song is deeply intimate and sensual – it embodies the intense energies that move us when we get in our feels ;) Turn this song on, relax and lemme give you the feels.”

Take a listen below.

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