Cassie Announces New Single “Makeup”



Cassie is gearing up for a comeback.

More than three years after her RockaByeBaby mixtape, the singer/actress/model has announced a new single called “Makeup.” While on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs, Cassie told “E! News” that she’s been crafting her latest effort with producer Detail.

“I did a lot of records with Detail,” she explained. “We have a single coming up called ‘Makeup,’ which I think the ladies are gonna love…coming soon.”

She even gave a tease of the track, adding: “I keep faces for the makeup” with a smile.

Fans can catch Cassie starring in the new movie Honey 3, which is due out September 6, and also includes new music from the starlet.

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images)

  1. dcruz87 6 years ago

    Can’t wait YES!!!

  2. GTFOH! 6 years ago

    Come on, son.
    No one.
    I mean No One, is waiting on a Cassie single.


  3. dcruz87 6 years ago

    I literally just said I am tho……..? And why you clicking and replying to Cassie articles then, son? Seems like she’s got somewhat of your interest as well ;-)

  4. GTFOH! 6 years ago

    I read it because I forgot all about her.
    I was curious.
    I wasn’t sitting around going “When is a new Cassie record is dropping'”

    I read your comment and was like… “who is this n**ga kidding'”

    “Why does she have Ryan Leslie trolling like that”

    But if you’re a really thirsting for some Cassie, I would hate to hear your play list.


  5. dcruz87 6 years ago

    Well thats all your fault boo boo.

  6. GTFOH! 6 years ago

    Your utter thirst level for all things Cassie is only rivaled by your creepy following of Iggy Azalea.

    You went from blog to blog… to blog… to blog, to say the same exclamation pointed B.S about Cassie new single as if you just got word.


    If Cassie had a d*ck, you’d be rockin’ a custom made saddle for the way you ride her sh*t.
    You literally… LITERALLY spend all day defending her and Iggy on countless blogs as if you know no one is that caught up.

    I’m hoping you’re a pre teen/ teen girl…
    ‘Cause if you’re a grown ass woman defending and going hard body for celebs who don’t even know your ass exist…

    you’re a sad, sad little camper.


  7. dcruz87 6 years ago

    And yet you the one stalking my profile posts lmao I didnt even bother reading all o’ dat. stay bitter hon.

  8. GTFOH! 6 years ago

    Deducing in 10 seconds that ALL of your post are about Cassie and/or Iggy isn’t stalking.


    Now that’s stalking.


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