Watch: Quan Premieres Video for “Take What I Want”



Multi-talented artist Quan, whom become well known for his hit with Nas, “Just A Moment,” hasn’t released much on the R&B side over the years, but when he does it’s always a poignant, soul-stirring recording.

Today, the rapper/singer/producer debuts a compelling music video for the song, “Take What I Want,” off his recent mixtape,

Most people know it was never easy to achieve a comfortable level of success, but for more and more today it can feel like all we have is struggle and getting ahead is just out of reach. The tipping point of survival to what Quan conveys in his latest visual, which shows various people in different situations, whether it’s needing more money for bills, or just plain needing food.

“‘Take What I Want’ is the come up anthem for the great under dog, who comes to the realization that God blesses the child who has their own,” explains Quan. “If you have not, its because you work not…so in actuality you want not! If not…go take what you want, and stop waiting for it to come to you.”


Check out his new video below.

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