Gallant Shines Again with Late Night “Weight In Gold” Performance



Putting your money into gold is a good idea, and so is booking Gallant to perform on your late night show. “The Late Late Show with James Corden” did the right thing by inviting the buzzing vocalist to perform on Wednesday night.

Backed by his full band, including a string section, and seated on a velvet couch in the middle of a candle-lit living room set, Gallant delivered another jaw dropping emotional performance for the audience. Opening the performance in the shadows, he slowly emerged into the light as the stage exploded with rotating spotlights during the song’s commanding chorus.

He brought it home with a series of spins and a leap onto the couch as the music receded and and he dropped to his knees for a big a cappella falsetto finish.

Check out Gallant soaring on ‘The Late Late Show’ below.

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