Mario Shows Off His Style, Talks Upcoming Album ‘Paradise Cove,’ with ‘Vulkan’ Magazine



Mario has been experimenting with his new music, and now he does so with fashion.

While prepping for the release of his upcoming new album Paradise Cove, the R&B crooner covers Vulkan Magazine with a fashion spread and featurette where he talks about the upcoming album, his personal growth and much more.

“Paradise Cove is more of an experimental project; the culmination of a creative age within myself,” shared Mario. “I feel like my fans will get to see a new side of me, a new perspective, and a new sound, but I’m still going to give them the classic Mario that they appreciate and love.”

Check out some more excerpts and photos from the feature below.

ON GOING INDEPENDENT: “After I put out my last record on RCA, 3 years ago, the idea for me to start my own label was born. It was based on the perception of creative freedom. During that time, I grew the most, I was able to reflect the most on my career, what I wanted to do with music, the impact I wanted to have as a person and musician, and how they work hand in hand when it comes to influence.”

ON THE STAGE VS. THE STUDIO: “They go hand in hand! Both are just as creatively pleasing. I love sitting with my band and figuring out the sequence of the show vs. the sequence of an album. It’s the same when it comes to catching a vibe and trying to capture a certain feeling within that moment. You have about 3 minutes for a song, and from the moment it starts, you have that time to capture people’s attention and keep it. In both situations, you have to make sure the music is captivating and creative enough for you to stand out.”

ON HIS FOUNDATION: “The Do Right Foundation is a foundation I started on behalf of my upbringing in Baltimore, where substance abuse was all around my family. I grew up there, and a lot of my friends and their parents were addicts. I wanted to start a program where kids having those issues could get counseling and join a program that was part of the curriculum in 6-7 schools in Baltimore. We’re actually going to start the programs back up sometime next year, with our new partners. I would like to take it national. I feel like there’s a big issue in the US (and the world) when it comes to young adults having substance abuse problems so early on in life.”

ON CHANGES IN THE MUSIC BIZ: “The highlight for me would be re-introducing myself to my audience again. There’s a new generation of fans and then the ones who grew up with you. It’s about grabbing the attention of the new fans but also reminiscing with the ones who have been with me since day one. There are so many platforms these days, so how people connect is different. It’s bigger than just the music, and that’s what makes it exciting for me; to have all these ideas about things I want to do outside of music that are going to make my brand and journey more iconic.”


(Photos by JD Barnes)

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