Indie Artist Angelica Vila Catches A Wave with Debut EP ‘1998’



They say age ain’t nuthin’ but a number, and up-and-coming artist Angelica Vila is here to share her own experiences with young love on her debut EP 1998.

At only 18-years-old the singer/songwriter is mature beyond her years when it comes to dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of relationships. 1998 is all about a love that’s too good to be true. The 5-track EP outlines the cycle of heartbreak and redemption. It begins off as a perfect fairytale, shifting to affliction and betrayal, then ends with having to face reality and picking yourself up.

According to Ms. Vila, she wanted to represent everyone, including those in her age bracket, that you can never be too young to be capable of love.

“1998” was entirely written by yours truly, inspired by the different experiences that I’ve been through throughout my life so far,” says Angelica. “This EP represents how it is never too young to love and you are never too young to be brokenhearted.”

Have you ever fell for someone, but your relationship constantly backfired no matter how hard you tried? Then Angelica Vila’s debut EP is for you.

Take a listen below.


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