Chrisette Michele Talks Inauguration Performance, Spike Lee’s Comments, Hopes for the Country on ‘The Breakfast Club’


For her first appearance since performing at the Liberty Ball in celebration of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Chrisette Michele braved “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday morning for an interview discussing her decisions to do the performance.

In the 40-minute conversation, she explains that she in no way agrees with Trump’s rhetoric or politics, but she simply wanted to “be seen” as a black person in a space where there were very few as a way to open minds and conversation. “I needed them to see us,” she said. “I needed them to see what we have to say, what we look like, how we talk. With the entire campaign experience, I think that many of us were wondering, who is he talking to?”

“I had referred to myself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but really I was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. I was as afraid as we all are now,” continued Chrisette. “Knowing that I had to put on some kind of armor. I call it the armor of God. That’s why I went there and sang gospel.”

Chrisette Michele also cleared up the rumor that she was paid $250,000 for the performance, but would not disclose the actual amount. She also shared her feelings on Spike Lee’s comments and revealed that he never previously reached out to her to use her song in his upcoming Netflix series, as he mentioned. She talked about the plans for her forthcoming TV series called “No Political Genius” (named like her forthcoming music project out on Feb 1st), which she says is to continue to build a bridge and start a conversation between people across the country.

See the full interview below.

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