Listen: Chrisette Michele Releases Poetic Response To Inauguration Performance Backlash “No Political Genius”


Chrisette Michele became the talk of the town last week, when it was revealed that she would be performing during one of the inauguration parties for President Donald Trump.  The songstress did in fact perform a Gospel set, and it was reported that the she was paid $250,000 for the performance.

Many fans and those in the music community were shocked to find out that Chrisette would be performing and lashed out at her on social media.  Since performing, the Long Island native has made only a brief statement, but her manager lashed out at some in the industry that shaded her, including director Spike Lee, who vowed to no longer use a song of hers that he was planning to place in the upcoming Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It inspired by his 1986 film.

Today (Jan. 23), Chrisette Michele has released a response to the situation with a recorded poem! Titled “No Political Genius,” the singer looks to create conversation, and invites listeners to stop bickering and start listening to each others point of view.

“I am the black song that Spike Lee won’t sing / I am the black voice inauguration bells ring / I am the black sheep disguising the scared wolf / No I am the black elephant in the red room, scared shook / White House invites me, you can call me their coon / I am the butterfly growing from slavery’s cocoon / I carry the mantle with God as my goon / He provides the life support, I’m dying singing his tune,” she cites on the opening verse.

Hear Chrisette’s “No Political Genius” poem below… What do you think?

  1. LupeX 4 years ago

    She’s dead to me.

  2. KCarter 4 years ago

    This pisses me off because this all started when she stated that marching was not the way to cause change. Then she goes and supports this racist for a president at his inauguration. Her performance is a show of support and yes people are angry. That’s our prerogative just like it’s hers to choose $250,000 now over career in the music industry. I love her music, but I can’t get behind someone that will get behind him. I will miss her music and wish her the best.

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