Watch Justine Skye Perform Acoustic Rendition of “Jezebel”


Rising star Justine Skye shows off some stripped down skills with an acoustic performance of her song “Jezebel,” off her late 2016 EP 8 Ounce.

The live performance was recorded in the home of Justine’s DJ friends, Simi & Haze, as she sits on the floor by a fire place singing, “Cause you all on my IG / Talkin’ sh*t ‘bout me / All in my timeline / Picture you tryin to out me? / Internet thuggin, avatar muggin / Now you got me black baggin / Got you on thought when I’m draggin, you.”

Speaking about her inspiration behind the song with EW, Justine explained: “As a young adult, we all go through things now on social media. It’s a part of our everyday lives. This song is a just reflection of that, and hopefully, other young women are able to relate to this.”

Check out her performance below.

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