Mack Wilds Releases Lyric Video for New Song “Crash”


Last Friday (Apr. 7), Mack Wilds returned with the stellar new album AfterHours, which he crafted during late nights in between shooting his two current shows, VH1’s “The Breaks” and FOX’s “Shots Fired.”

The album is a combination of relationship reflecting ballads, bedroom burners, and sexy R&B jams, that are best suited for late night listening. Today, the singer/actor follows up the release with an official lyric video for the closing song “Crash.”

Over heavy-hitting drums and shuttering keys, Mack flexes his falsetto while singing about a turbulent relationship headed the wrong way. “It’s all fun and games, ’til someone falls outta love / Nothing’s ever enough / Still they try and play / It’s a crying shame / We’ve been losing our minds,” he sings on the chorus.

Wilds is also set to release an upcoming visual series named after the project, which will premiere exclusively via TIDAL on Friday, April 14. The 6-part mini series consists of visual interpretations of songs from AfterHours, co-written and directed by Mack himself along with Greg Cally.

In the meantime, check out the lyric video for “Crash” below.

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