TLC The Breakfast Club

TLC Share Details On New Album, Blocking Charlamagne On Twitter & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’


TLC The Breakfast Club

TLC rolled through “The Breakfast Club” for a new interview on Monday morning (June 12).

With their anticipated final album due out on June 30, T-Boz and Chilli were in the studio to give more details on the project. They spoke about the long process of getting it finished, and how Kickstarter works in regards to receiving the funding, since the album was crowd-funded.

One of the biggest topics of their discussion though was social media, especially Twitter. Apparently, Chilli had previously blocked Charlamagne and he didn’t know why, so they went back and forth numerous times trying to figure out what he said. In the end he apologizes to her and begs her to unblock him.

Back to the music, they talk about getting Left Eye’s vocals approved, and some of the political topics on the album. T-Boz also spoke about being on “Celebrity Apprentice” with Donald Trump, and Chilli addressed backlash she received from miscued comments on Black Lives Matter.

Sharing some history they revealed how T-Boz and Left Eye almost got into a fist fight, and spoke about how they relationship has evolved over the years.

Watch the full interview below.

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