Jamar Prince Not Good

Indie: Jamar Prince Releases New Single “Not Good”


Jamar Prince Not Good

Indie artist Jamar Prince has an unfortunate message for his girl on his brand new single, “Not Good.”

The Grand Rapids, Michigan based R&B singer/songwriter puts an end to his relationship over the ethereal, melodic track.

“Feel like I’m playing so evil / Dragging it on like a sequel / Think we should see different people / Feel like I’ve been so deceitful,” he sings.

But while dealing with these feelings, Jamar still wants to hold on to the chance of it working out. Later, he sings: “You’re the captain, I’m the pilot / Sinking ship there’s no island / Girl I really want to try this, there’s just a lot on my mind.”

Take a listen below.

For more info follow Jamar Prince on social media:

Twitter: @JamarThePrince

Instagram: @jamartheprince

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