Watch: Jazmine Sullivan Joins Goldlink in “Meditation” Video



Four months after dropping an animated visual for his collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan and Kaytranada, buzzing rapper Goldlink debuts a cinematic style music video for “Meditation.”

The visual tells the story of a night out at a club, where GoldLink sees a beautiful woman who is accompanied by another man. Things seem to be peaceful, as the likes of Ray J hang out and party, but the evening takes a drastic turn.

Jazmine delivers a flirtatious performance in the ladies room, as other females primp and pose.
“I want to be more than homies / I just want to be your baby, your one and only,” she sings on the sexy chorus.

GoldLink is then seen dancing with the girl he’s been eyeing, causing a fury of tension to fill the room. Clearly, the man she was just with and his friends don’t take kindly to this act so they approach him. A fight breaks out and shots are fired before the clip fades to black.

“‘Meditation’ is a quick glimpse into DC Go-Go and street culture,” Goldlink previously explained about the track. “It’s kind of like a West Side Story, in a way — as far as it’s a guy who sees a girl. This guy is from one neighborhood and the girl is from another rivaling neighborhood. They see each other across the room. He talks to her, they reminisce, they laugh, and then a confrontation happens.”

Check out the video below.

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