Watch: Louis York Perform “I Enjoy You” For ‘Nashville Sessions’


YouTube has teamed up with multi-Grammy winning duo Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony aka Louis York for the Nashville Sessions.

Known for creating hits for artists like Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and more, the duo performed their new song “I Enjoy You” that is featured on their soon-to-be released third EP Masterpiece Theater: Act III.

The single is a timeless piano-based jazz standard that evokes the soul of a true love song.

“Simply put, you’re a breath of fresh midnight air / I enjoy you / And I hope that you enjoy me too,” sings Claude over the lush bed of keys played by Chuck.

Upon releasing the song earlier this month, they wrote a message to their fans: “We really do enjoy you all and we hope you love this song as much as we do. Spread the love and share with someone you enjoy too.”

Louis York previously released their EPs Masterpiece Theater: Act I and Masterpiece Theater: Act II. They also performed an exclusive acoustic set for ThisisRnB Sessions, which you can watch here. watch here

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