Indie: Emerging Teen Artist Taylor McCants Searches For “Compassion” with New Lyric Video


Age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Rising teen artist Taylor McCants embodies the concept with her socially conscious declaration in the lyric video for her empowering new song “Compassion.”

Inspired by the recent disastrous hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, the 16-year-old Akon, Ohio native uses her impressive vocal gifts to inspire.

“It breaks my heart to see displaced families, and I’m keeping them all in my prayers,” says Taylor in the song’s intro. She will be donating proceeds from the single and video to victims of the storms.

“Show some compassion when you see people going through / Only imagine if it happened to you,” she passionately sings on the chorus. “Show love, a little compassion.”

As a captivating 16 year old performer and actress, Taylor McCants makes an unforgettable impression as a soul singer, giving life to a melodic sound that resonates well beyond her years. Balancing young love with the experience of urban culture, Taylor embodies the worldview of today’s youth. She brings a fresh perspective to the music world, while serenading the listener with soulful maturation usually reserved for seasoned songstresses.

Elsewhere, Taylor recently released the turn-up single “So Pretty,” which finds her collaborating with teen female rapper Young Lyric, and partying with friends at a hotel.

For more info follow Taylor McCants on social media:

Instagram: @_taylormccants
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Facebook: @TaylorMcCantsMusic

  1. Beverly D. McCants 6 years ago

    Powerful message delivered beautifully. Leaves me wanting to hear more.

  2. Nayeli R 6 years ago

    She’s very pretty very talented and compassionate.

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