New Music: Adrian Daniel – Open Up


Brooklyn based alt-RnB artist Adrian Daniel is back with “Open Up,” the latest release ahead of his anticipated new project.

Following tracks like “This City” and “Havoc,” the singer-songwriter takes listeners on an ethereal sonic experience driven by his falsetto. Daniel reassures fans to expect the unexpected as he continues to expose the difficulties of accepting self.

“Open up your eyes / There’s beauty deep inside / You are more than I ever wanted, you are more than I ever needed,” he sings.

According to Adrian the song is about “accepting someone’s imperfections and loving them in spite of them.” He continues: “It’s about allowing someone to love you even though you have flaws. We forget we all have flaws; we all have imperfections. That’s what makes us human. That’s what makes the relationship real.”

Take a listen below:

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