23 R&B Songs From the ’90s You’ll Be Thankful To Remember


“Here we Go Again” — Portrait (1993)

Released during the New Jack Swing era, Portrait’s “Here We Go Again” became the highest charting single of the group’s career. Despite this song and their debut single “Honey Dip” being their only charting songs from the album, many of the tracks from their self-titled debut have been dubbed as New Jack Swing classics.

“I’d Die Without You” — P.M. Dawn (1992)

Whether you know this song from P.M. Dawn’s sophomore album, The Bliss Album…?, or from it being one of the several songs to chart from the soundtrack to the ’90s cult classic Boomerang, “I’d Die Without You” is arguably one of the best songs to hit the R&B genre.

“I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again” — Uncle Sam (1997)

Hate it or love it, Uncle Sam’s “I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again” was definitely a real treat back in the ’90s. Written and produced by Boyz II Men member Nathan Morris, the single went on to become Uncle Sam’s only top 10 hit on the Billboard chart.

“Lately” — Divine (1999)

Between the ’90s and early 2000s, girl groups ran the world. So, it was no surprise when the trio Divine delivered the sultry single “Lately.” Unfortunately though, their success was short-lived and the group disbanded in 2000.

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