Indie: Jon Schuyler Releases New Album ‘God’s Eye’


Indie artist Jon Schuyler has returned with the brand new album God’s Eye.

With this being his second independent LP, the 27-year-old Ohio bred singer/songwriter has seemingly avoided the sophomore slump with the 13-track alternative R&B effort. Featuring production by his in-house team, St. Francis, old and new listeners alike can expect a consistent and cohesive vibe throughout the entire project. This is evident with his open, breathy track selection from records such as the racing “Take Time” or the fun and harmonious “SuperLove”.

Like his 2016 LP 199X with celebrated singles such as “Overrated” and “City Lights,” Schuyler (sky-ler) delivers another batch of classic ballads such as the wedding-ready “Same Love” or the heartfelt “Caught Up In You” to help ease the pain of an ex.

Jon exhibits his warm tone and vicious pen game more than ever on these relatable records that he says were “songs or letters about exes I thought I’d be with forever, but instead they were all experiences threading together, like a God’s Eye, ultimately leading me to the one.”

God’s Eye is available for purchase or streaming on all digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify & Tidal.

Stream it below now:

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