Indie: Chris Deep Releases Debut EP ‘Lost Crazy Love Lust’


Stories of romance can occur in many unique ways. If you ask anyone to recount and describe the relationships they’ve had, it’s more than likely that they will use all or a combination of the words ‘Lost, Crazy, Love, Lust.’ Each of these words can carry a memorable story on their own, but emerging indie R&B artist Chris Deep pieces them together to tell his tale of a relationship that inspired his debut EP.

The Mississippi native is a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps, currently serving the U.S. in Okinawa, Japan. While he is a dedicated military man, music is his true passion and becoming a successful artist has always been his dream.

Lost Crazy Love Lust‘ is an emotion-filled project, that finds the crooner sharing deep vulnerabilities as he brings listeners through his experiences. From his attempts to rekindle a previous romantic flame–while dealing with his own insecurities–to building that romance back, the singer stays dedicated to letting their love shine again, culminating with an intimate climax together.

“It seems that everybody’s in love but us, baby where did we go wrong?” he sings on the opening song “Find My Way.” Chris’ dedication and motivation runs deep as well, a personality trait that he attributes to his father’s advice.

“Motivation that keeps me going is my father (Coater B DeBose) who passed away 5 years ago while serving his country in the army in Afghanistan,” shares Chris. “My father always told me, ‘If you’re going to do something to always give it your all and be the best at it. No one is going to hire you for doing half the job or take you serious if you don’t come off with a serious mentality.’ Til this day I see him in me and all of my drive is to make it to the top and make sure the family name stays alive.”

“I just can’t help myself when I’m around you / So infatuated with the things you do,” he sings on “I Just Luv You,” which caters to the ‘crazy’ element of love.

Speaking about the EP, Chris Deep explains: “‘Lost Crazy Love Lust’ is packed with heart broken sounds of a man trying to find his physically present but emotionless soulmate. While on the hunt to reclaim his love, fictional friction sets in to try and get him off track from finding his girl. Eventually, sun shine comes around and begins to bring the pieces of their house back together and once again form a home. It’s a true love story in the making with a sexy ending.”

Chris Deep’s Lost Crazy Love Lust is available on iTunes and all digital music platforms. Stream it below via Spotify now.

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