New Music: Bassette – Bermuda


It’s been entirely too long since we’ve heard the soulful vocals of Bassette. The English songstress premiered her debut EP Midnight Sounds right here in 2015, and now she’s finally returned with the infectious new promo single “Bermuda.”

The Bermudian transplant pays homage to her homeland on the Joe Hertz-produced track, as she transports listeners on a romantic adventure. Bassette’s love for the island nation is visualized through proposed activities that she hopes to introduce to a lover.

“Wherever you desire, grab my hand for adventure / So you wanna go? / Sip from Goslings as we watch our love grow,” she sings. “If you like we can take a little ride, take a little ride to the seaside / If you like we can hop up on a plane, we can hop up on a plane and fly.”

The production is motivating and tranquil at the same time, allowing Bassette’s unique tone to entice and seduce. She released the song last week without further notice of an upcoming project, but we hope this is just a taste of more to come.

Escape on a breezy island getaway to “Bermuda” below.

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