New Video: Trevor Jackson – NightTime (Pt. 1)


Trevor Jackson goes dark and creepy with the brand new 2-part video for his recent single “NightTime.” The Halloween season may be over but the singer/actor pays homage to horror inspired music videos from the past such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” with his latest visual.

The first half of his story sets a spooky mood as Trevor and his girlfriend enjoy the sunset on a scenic overlook. Their relationship is still new, but the young lady asks Jackson why she has never seen him without his dark sunglasses. Reluctant to give an honest answer at first, the young heartthrob quickly changes his mind and asks if she really wants to know? Speeding off in his vintage Cadillac, they finally arrive at a undisclosed location and are greeted at the door by a creepy white butler with a candlestick in hand.

As the evening is getting later, the servant requests that his master (Trevor) check the time, and before his female co-star can even ask he takes off running downstairs to room with multiple locks.

The song only begins to play at this moment, leaving much suspense for the second half. Is Trevor a vampire or other scary creature? As we await the second part of the video, take a listen to the sexy single below:

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