Khalid Talks About Pressure To Follow Up “Location”


Many artists have fallen victim to becoming less known than their hit songs. The popularity of a record can easily outshine who is singing it, if they are unable to reach a similar plateau of success with future releases.

One of last year’s biggest young stars is 19-year-old Khalid, who broke out with unreal viral success from his first single “Location.” While the song was a staple on radio, birthed an all-star remix, and was covered by many others, it hasn’t defined his early career due to the quality of his work to follow. But, what about Khalid’s next release, and the one after that?

Will he feel pressure to create another song that just takes over and really connects with fans? That is the question Khalid addresses in an interview with Amaru Don TV while he was recently in London.

“It doesn’t give me pressure. But it really inspires me to keep making each song better than the next one,” says Khalid. “It kind of hypes me up when I look back, ‘like that song was super effortless.’ Now let’s get in the studio and make another effortless song.”

Khalid goes on to talk about the transition from being an unsigned artist to being a major signed act.

The singer-songwriter is currently up for 5 awards at the upcoming GRAMMYs. In May, he will be returning to the road for his “Roxy Tour,” and recently Khalid teamed up with Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei on the collabo “Love Lies” off the soundtrack to the new film Love, Simon.

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