T-Pain Says Chris Brown’s ‘Heartbreak’ Is His Favorite Album of 2017


T-Pain shared his admiration and appreciation for Chris Brown’s massive double album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, during a recent interview with Rap-Up.

While some fans have complained that the project was just too long to get into, the platinum hitmaker explained that the 45-song set was easily his favorite album of 2017. “My favorite album of 2017 would probably be Heartbreak on a Full Moon,” he said. “For sure. Chris Brown, definitely, guaranteed.”

“There’s enough to pick from,” he continued. “You’re gonna like most of that album, but even if you don’t like most of the album, you’re gonna like an album’s worth of that album. There’s for sure 12 songs on there that you’ll like. You can’t go wrong. You cannot not like a big chunk of 45 songs. You’re gonna like an album’s worth of it so there’s no way to lose on that album. There’s no way to not like that album.”

T-Pain has big plans for 2018. After releasing his final album on RCA with OBLiVION, Teddy is excited for the new year. “2018, you can expect not a lot, not a ton of T-Pain, but a good amount,” he said. “More than you’ve seen lately. There’s a lot of things in the plans.”

Those plans include three tours and two more albums, including the long-awaited Stoicville: The Phoenix. “Stoicville is like a passion project for me,” he said. “I didn’t put out Stoicville because the label wouldn’t have treated it right.”

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