Calvin Harris & PARTYNEXTDOOR Go Dancehall On New Single “Nuh Ready Nuh Ready”


Calvin Harris reunites with PARTYNEXTDOOR on the brand new single “Nuh Ready Nuh Ready.”

Their latest collaboration allows PND to pull from his Jamaican roots, while Harris delivers a house and dancehall inspired production. The OVO crooner explains why he isn’t ready to settle down just yet. “I had dreams of fuckin’ the baddest bitch,” he sings. “Last night I woke up and I fucked the baddest bitch.”

To go along with the island-inspired track, the duo released a special effects-filled video that’s styled to look like a colorful karaoke clip. It features psychedelic animation mixed in with Party’s dance moves and sporadic glimpses of Harris.

During an interview with Beats 1, Harris spoke about his admiration for PND. “I thought he was a genius for a few years,” he said. “He’s an outsider, very reserved, and off-limits. You don’t know what he’s like…I haven’t really figured him out anymore after working with him. I just know that his pen, and his voice, and his delivery is, I think, among the best in the world. I worked with him on my last album and I was aware that I underused him. I felt embarrassed and ashamed for underusing him. He sang a hook on a track. I said, ‘Come on, mate. You need to do more, if you can.’ That’s what I did.”

Formerly known as an EDM DJ, Harris has spent the past year working on funk-inspired material. Now, he is ready to move into a different phase of his career, which might just be a return to the dance world.

“I just want to do something totally different that is gonna confuse people but is just gonna ultimately make me so happy,” he said. “I’m gonna release more and also I’m taking it one song at a time, but the songs are all gonna be based in dance music, because I love it again. The videos are coming at the same time as the song. You’ll get a lot of my current attitude for that.” 

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