New Music: GNA – Love Me


Toronto songstress GNA makes a strong stand for self-love to set the bar high for a future partner on her brand new single “Love Me.”

The empowering song carries anthemic elements with a mix of heavy-hitting, dark, and elevating synths. The strong production compliments the singer’s confident demands to receive the same respect and devotion that she already carries in herself.

“Never needed anyone to be by my side / Walk around my city with my head held high,” she sings. “So fly / Some say I’m a diva, I say I’m a leader, other girls wanna be / If you really think you can handle me / You better show me boy ’cause I fulfill all my needs.”

Take a listen to the poignant single below.

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  1. FDude 5 years ago

    This is hot! Love the rock-ish influence!!! Luv me boi <3

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