New Music: Kehlani – Again


A year after releasing her debut album, SweetSexySavage, Kehlani kicks off the new year once ‘again’ with new music.

The Tsunami mobber keeps with the acoustic vibes of her surprise 2017 fan favorite “Honey” on the introspective “Again.”

Over a singular guitar track produced by Geoffro, Lani emotes over an exchange of energies and feelings with an unknown partner.

“Every time we drew our lines / They grew legs and walked themselves down the road,” she coos. “Boundaries is my middle name / I give respect where its asked or it’s shown.”

Taking to her Instagram to share the new release, Kehlani wrote: “Unmixed just like I like it. Imperfect and honest. 11:11. Here’s how I’m feeling… AGAIN.”

Further into the story she attempts to apologize for a mistake in the relationship. “And then there was the blood from your heart on my hands again / Thou I swore I washed it out in the rain,” she sings. “And I wish I was sorry / Damn I wish I was sorry / That I don’t know how to stay away.”

Let’s hope this is just the start of new material from the Oakland native in 2018. Take a listen below.

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