Watch: Rising Star Trinidad Cardona Releases Intoxicating New Single “Dinero”


Island Records rising young star Trinidad Cardona returns today with an infectious, dance-ready new single called “Dinero,” and it’s filled with star-in-the-making qualities.

After the viral success of his breakout hit “Jennifer,” the 18-year old Phoenix native does the nearly impossible, delivering a follow-up that could potentially greatly succeed his debut.

“I’m very excited for the world to finally hear ‘Dinero,’” said Trinidad. “It’s the first single after ‘Jennifer’ and I’ve been working hard to make sure this one is perfect.”

The bilingual singer, rapper, dancer and heartthrob is stunned by a pretty girl in the opening of the video. He proceeds to pitch his love to her in all the classic Michael Jackson video style ways. After kicking game to her while she walks away from him, he rents a convertible Mercedes to show off, and buys them dance classes for a date the next day. However, when his money runs out and she realizes he was lying, Cardona thinks its all over.

“I’m ready to go buy, anything she likes / Get whatever’s on her mind / Spending money over time,” he sings.

See what happens to the young lovers in the video above, and stay tuned for much more from Trinidad Cardona this year.

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