Chloe x Halle Break Down “The Kids Are Alright” Lyrics on Genius’ ‘Verified’


Chloe x Halle are among today’s most unique and exciting young acts. The teen duo have an empowering mantra for today’s youth with their single “The Kids Are Alright,” but it also carries a positive message for older generations.

With their debut album — which has the same title as the single — on the way, the Bailey sisters recently sat down for an interview with Genius, where they explained how they wanted to create a song that represents the responsibility and intelligence their generation posseses, while also giving older generations reassurance for the future.

“You see a lot of people who wanna follow the status quo, just because they feel like they have to,” says Halle. “We wanted to remind our generation that, ‘hey, just because you see a certain image on Instagram or you feel like you have to be a certain way, you really don’t.’ You can dress how you want, you can be how you are, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

The song also embraces their fun and carefree side, as Chloe adds: “We wanted to say that yes, we can be put together and classy, but we can also get ratchet.”

Watch Chloe x Halle go line-for-line and break down the track on Genius’ “Verified” below.

  1. monicalberto 3 years ago

    Thanks. Let me know what you think at the end!!

  2. Shawn Woodfork 3 years ago

    I saw these young ladies on Jimmy Fallon a couple nights ago and I was just blown away. They both have exceptional range on their voices. I can’t wait to see the next chapter of phenomenal young ladies. Keep up the good work ladies I’m glad you do not follow the status quo!

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