Indie Artist Fudg3 Rises Up with New Single “Elevation”


Elevation is the goal of any artist, new or established, as they navigate through their career. The ability to reach new heights of creativity, influence and financial stability continuously excel the driven minded. Indie R&B artist Fudg3 is certainly pursuing those dreams with his brand new single, but in this regard, “Elevation” is a metaphor for reaching intimate peaks with his new lover.

With a sound that’s reminiscent of Usher’s “Climax,” the Charlotte, NC based singer/songwriter glides across the synth based electronic production by KFigz and Main Scale Production.

“If I lose it for a second ’cause my hands got in the way (baby, baby, baby) / You just put me back in rhythm, let our heartbeats syncopate,” he sings. “Elevate your hips, then you whine / Throw it back / Bring it down slow, then you grind.”

Fudg3 is a dreamer by nature but brings his celestial realization to his art. A native of Charlotte, NC, Fudg3 is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer that has been performing in numerous singing and dancing productions since the age of eleven. He credits artists from divergent musical genres such as Justin Timberlake, Donny Hathaway, Anita Baker, and Janet Jackson as music and dance influences.

At a young age, Fudg3 found a passion for the arts and immersed himself. With a craving for storytelling, he began writing poetry and songs, putting his talent for imagery and wordplay to use. Fudg3 sculpted his performance skills while attending the Northwest School of the Arts. Since then, Fudg3 has written and crafted works for himself and other artists.

Within the last few years, Fudg3 has captivated audiences in the Charlotte Metro area with his words and movements as well as captured the attention of accomplished producers. Following performances throughout the United States, Fudg3 has begun posting his unique musical mash-ups online as well as on social media outlets, under the name Fudg3roxx, while preparing to release his debut EP. “Elevation” is the first single to be released from the upcoming project.

For more info follow Fudg3 on Twitter and Instagram.

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